Dec 3, 2008

Late Night Snack

Ham, Honey Mustard and Brie Panini

Brush each slice of bread on one side with olive oil.
On unoiled sides of bread, spread honey mustard. Layer ham and cheese, sprinkle with salt and pepper and place panini on pre-heated grill.

Grill until golden.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you posting on your cooking blog again... but being preggo, you shouldn;t eat brie cheese :)

Irina said...

Thanks! The only cheese that they tell you not to eat is the ones that are un-pasteurized. This one was pasteurized, same with the blue cheese...the assumption is that most of them are unpasturized, but those can only be sold in certain states at certain authorized stores. The one thing that I wouldn't trust are the lunch meats already packed for sale. Those could potentially be harmful if they are not stored properly and have expired their sell by date. Glad you stopped by! :)