Jun 19, 2008


  • Freshly juiced give your body an instant boost of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals in a form that the body can easily assimilate, absorb and digest.

  • The nutrients from juiced vegetables are within our bloodstream within 30 minutes of consumption!

  • Allows us to up the raw vegetable amount we consume, giving the body energy and boosting the immune system and the body’s cleansing process.

  • Juicing rules out packaged juices such as cartons of ‘fresh’ orange juice, Nudie-type juices or any other juice that has been packaged, pasteurized or made more than twenty minutes before consumption

  • Most prepackaged juices are pasteurized (therefore all nutrients found in the vegetable or fruit are killed) and packed with sugars, sweeteners and other chemicals you can begin to understand why they do not really count as ‘juice’. Pasturized store bought juices of any type, ‘100% or ‘all natural’, are NOT beneficial to your health.

  • Green juices contain lots of chlorophyll which is incredibly effective in detoxifying the body.
  • Chlorophyll can help make the body strong, detoxify the liver, purify and help to rebuild the blood cells remove mold, parasites and myco/exotoxins from the body and (as many, many studies show) can help prevent and remove *cancer cells.
  • Raw, fresh vegetable juices are extremely alkaline.
  • It is beneficial to ensure that your body does not become over-acidic and that an alkaline balance is maintained in the blood & tissues. Over acidification is the common theme and cause of almost all conditions of ill health!
  • Vegetable juices are rich in natural medicines, vegetal hormones & antibiotics.
  • Fresh vegetable juice contains easily absorbed organic minerals such as calcium, potassium & silicon. These minerals assist the body in restoring the biochemical & mineral balance in the tissues & cells, which helps to prevent the premature aging of cells & disease.
  • Juicing can be used as a healing technique for those with pain, cancer, depression and arthritis.

    Vegetables that can be juiced:

    - Lettuce (romaine, little gem, round, iceberg or any other!)
    - Endive- Cucumber
    - Celery
    - Kale
    - Spinach
    - Broccoli (and stalk/stem)
    - Herbs
    - Chard
    - Spinach
    - Cabbage
    - Bok Choi
    - Garlic (but check your juicer can handle it, cheaper juicers will make everything that goes through it taste like garlic forevermore – believe me!)
    - Sprouts- Fresh ginger
    - Essential oils (such as Udo’s Choice and Flax Seed Oil)
    - Wheat grass
    - Watercress

My juicing isn’t as intense as the above name vegetable. We use organic apples and carrots in many of our juices as a base. We also add Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, as cod liver oil is naturally rich in vitamin A, vitamin D3, EPA and DHA. Our juicer was bought form here.

* Of course The American Institute of Cancer does not support any natural sort of healing (strict medication therapy only - ugh!). Juicing is considered 'dangerous' since the juice is raw and therefore may contain 'harmful bacteria'. It states that any juice needs to (I am laughing out loud while I am typing this) be pasteurized before consuming. Go figure.


The DINKs said...

Brilliant! We have a juicer, but it is mostly used for juicing limes for Margaritas! I just gave away 3 bags of greens that I couldn't use from last weeks' CSA veggie share. Next week if I have leftovers, I'll simply juice it with an apple and some ginger. Voila! Thanks for the reminder that the juicer can be put to more noble uses than what we've been using it for....



Lydia said...

I've never juiced anything before, but I know my grandmother has a nice juicer she doesn't use (and as far as I know, does not intend to use). Any favorite recipes or flavor combinations?

Irina said...

The best thing about juicing is that you can mask any 'bad' flavors through fruits. We use a lot of apples and carrots, mixed with spinach, green peppers, tomatoes... you name it. You can get really creative. The important thing about a juicer is how it presses the juice out. There are juicers out there that do not heat the fruits and vegetables when squeezing the juice out of them, therefore keeping the juice RAW.