Jun 20, 2008


Dinner is not happening around here lately, at least not until we get situated into the new home. We haven't been grocery shopping in a long long time, so the fridge is pretty much empty. My husband got creative with the basics we had in the fridge last night. He made the only thing he knows how to make; breakfast! Excellent turn out.

The packing isn't going so well. Haven't really started yet. :( Hopefully someday soon... We only have a little over a week to turn the keys in.


Lydia said...

I do the same thing! When the fridge seems bare, I make breakfast for dinner. :-)

BTW...I e-mailed you, but it might have gone to your spam folder. I asked, "What kind of camera do you own?" Because I'm not getting the depth of field I would like on my camera.

Irina said...

I wrote you back... thanks for pointing that out.