Jul 8, 2008

Farmers Market

It's that time again. After moving, cleaning out the fridge and eating out every night; we finally found the time to hit the farmers market again. When I went for the first time this year, back in May, I was naive enough to believe that I would be finding all the 'regulars' from the grocery store. Not so.... there was a lot of nothing there.... radishes, arugula and asparagus, at least not what I was looking for. I since then, I made a list of things that are in season each month (for my state).

Little farmer

(grumpy) Twins

Making baby food again...

1 comment:

HoneyB said...

What a gorgeous little farmer! And you have a grumpy too? lol Your's kind of makes me think of my brother. Looks a lot like him - right down to the salt & pepper hair!!